10 Superfood to Boost Immunity after surgery


Greetings from your Healthy amigo , Hope you are healthy . So you have returned from a surgery as of late and stressed over how to get back in the pink of wellbeing soon? Medical procedures are extremely requesting on the body. They put the body in worry at a physical level as well as healthful level. Thus, your eating routine makes for a significant piece of your healing procedure and a solid, adjusted eating regimen is must for dynamic recovery. Some superfoods give key supplements and nutrients that help the body mend quicker and must be joined in the post-surgery diet. The correct food pressed with fundamental nutrients and minerals can help with quicker twisted healing, better immunity and quicker recovery.

 Below are the top ten foods that you should eat for a speedy recovery post-surgery.

1.Iron packed foods
Recharge the iron content in your body to account for the blood loss during surgery with iron-rich food. It also adds for more energy and faster wound healing post-surgery. Include a lot of dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroot, whole grains, apricots etc. in your diet for a boost in the iron content and better haemoglobin count

2.Immune boosters
Whether you like it or you don’t, there’s no denying the nutritional goodness of cabbages, cauliflowers and Brussels sprouts in maintaining immune health! These vegetables carry phytonutrients and indoles in abundance that help in boosting immunity. Include them in any form in your diet and see their magic unfold!

All of those antibiotics and heavy medications kill the normal functioning of the body, especially digestion, and cause gastric troubles. Include a lot of high fiber foods or fruits to get your digestion back on track. Foods rich in fiber include apples, pears, oatmeal, flaxseed meal, corn flakes and beans and carrots. Eat lots of fresh salads and fresh fruits in between meals.

4.Nuts and seeds
Dry fruits and nuts provide some of the essential, trace nutrients and minerals that are not generally provided by normal food. Important minerals like Zinc, which is very important for active immunity and wound healing, are present richly in dry fruits. Red meats like lamb, liver, seafood and eggs too have very high contents of Zinc and are power foods useful post-surgery.

5.Citrus fruits and veggies
Citrus fruits are excellent sources of Vitamin C, which again are very important for collagen production and function. So grab on to those oranges, mosambi, lemons, guava and capsicums and make sure you have atleast one of these every day. These also make up for the dehydration caused to the body due to surgery stress and anaesthesia.

6.Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes have emerged as a superfood lately and are found to be excellent sources of beta carotene, Vitamin A in simpler words.  Vitamin A boost the skin healing and maintenance process and help immensely with post-surgery healing!

7.Protein-rich food
Proteins, especially collagen, are important in holding tissues together and healing wounds. Include lean proteins in the form of eggs, fish, legumes, sprouts, meat etc. in your food to boost the collagen levels in your body.

8.Fermented dairy products
Although you may be advised to avoid consuming dairy immediately post-surgery, yogurt or curds and low-fat cheese may be excellent dairy products that can help speedy recovery. These help to replenish the probiotics of your system that you may have lost due to heavy medications and antibiotics. They will definitely help ease gastric problems and constipation.

9.Berries or cherries
Antioxidants and their benefits to fight off bodily stress are endless. Again, these fruits facilitate in nullifying the effects of physical stress of surgery and medications. Eat plenty of cherries and berries and pomegranates to flush your system with rich antioxidants!

Although it is not exactly food, the importance of water consumption in post-surgery diet is underrated. Drinking plenty of water helps flushing the system of all the toxins and reduces side-effects like nausea and stomach upsets due to medications. It also helps rehydration of the body after surgery and in general, helps with gaining maximum benefits of the foods mentioned above!

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